11 October 2011

Photos from another Walk

Scene on lower Ohio Avenue, in OTR

if you want to buy one of the junkiest buildings in the city, call this number.

[where: 2012 Ohio Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

Interesting pink building, I think for sale

[1808 Republic Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

steps from Ohio, Van Lear to Vine


Anton and George Zimmerman, 1883

Once the corner of Poplar and Buckeye, now the corner of Frintz and E. Clifton

Frintz was Poplar 

short little basement entry

Buck Rogers type lintels

Believe it or not, this beauty is on Peete Street

The lower half

[where: 102 Peete Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]


Quimbob said...

You're not kiddin' about the Buck Rogers designs.

Brandon Druffel said...

Anton Zimmerman was my Grandmother's grandfather. He was a stone cutter by trade. Our family had someone living in that building into the 70's.

CityKin said...

Brandon, you should get the building and rehab it! BTW, do you have a relative that is an reading teacher for 5th graders?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that part of Ohio Ave still in Clifton Heights?

Brandon Druffel said...


I would love to, but I'm already working on a rehab in OTR. One is enough for me!

That is my uncle who teaches 5th grade.

Anonymous said...

The building with Poplar and Buckeye is my friend's. This is going to be a great area soon. The views are spectacular