12 August 2011

End of Another Summer Means Change

Summer break from blogging is over. The air finally cooled somewhat and the kids are preparing for the first day of school next week. Our children had a memorable summer full of exploration and swimming. I am so thankful I get to relive some of my childhood with them. Unfortunately much of our summer was NOT spent downtown. Our swimming hole is not downtown anymore and we took a looong vacation to the beach. In addition, there is major construction all around our house this summer in Over-the-Rhine. I love construction, and it is fun to watch with my kids, but when the construction is right outside your window and is everyday, very early and very loud and dusty, and when that construction goes on and on and on for months, you tend to spend even less time home.

And the continuing transformation of Over-the-Rhine and the over-saturation of coverage of this change in various blogs and on Facebook/Twitter leaves me feeling a bit like an outsider in my own hood. Well, maybe not an outsider, but definitely not an insider. I have no insider information about what is going on here, and other people seem to have a lot more interest and knowledge of the developments of 3CDC or what new shop is opening etc…

And… I have changed. I don’t find myself pondering the same questions that once crowded my mind. For example, I am much less interested in politics. I know my political beliefs and I am very comfortable and solid in my beliefs but I don't really want to write about them. Similarly, I am as much interested in discussing the pros and cons of raising children downtown. I already know it is great raising children here, it is a settled matter in my mind. My kids are getting a fantastic education in the public schools, and they are loving their city and their neighborhood. I liked writing about those things more when I was still figuring it out.

Interestingly, my son was resistant to our looong summer vacation. He is a lot more connected to OTR than you'd think a 10 year old would be. He was upset that he missed the Downtown Dash. His loves to run… and take long exploratory walks. He says his favorite activity is when we take these long exploratory urban hikes. And he likes to work and be helpful around the house. When we miss our regular activities, like our walk to church, both the kids are upset. It is strange, because they just love regularity, our neighborhood and walking more than I would have ever imagined.

I'm hoping the blog will evolve to include more creative writing like yesterday's post, hopefully some longer pieces. Thanks for reading.


VisuaLingual said...

I, for one, never tire of your writing about life and family in the neighborhood, though I can understand that you're just happily [for the most part, I assume] living it and no longer feel like necessarily discussing it.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

You're right. Best to just to let it wash over you like the tides of your beach vacation. There are other people who are "better informed" after all and they must know best.

You did your urban pioneer bit. Staked your claim and won it. These things are just...political...after all. Nothing to see here.