28 August 2011

1833 Sycamore

Peeking in Keyhole
Condemnation Orders


Anonymous said...

I've always loved this building, do you know anymore about its history or future?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess... the city will be tearing these buildings down.

Anonymous said...

...because some windows are broken and at least one room is full of junk.

or better yet... it will go to sheriff sale, not once but twice, no one will buy it because the right people did not know about it. The city will immediately tear it down. Not everyone looking for a property looks at the sheriff sales or knows a particular building is on one. Hundreds of people can drive past a building and not know it is available at a sheriff sale because there is NEVER a for sale sign on it.

Case in point: 3539 Eden Avenue.

Anonymous said...

^^ I guess you missed the part of the photo where the floor has fallen in and the floor joists aren't intact. Or where the framing around the windows is exposed and rotten.

chuck said...

May 2013: This building, under demo by neglect, is owned by a sham nonprofit, transferred on paper from the same group that was "developing" the glencoe hole, now in rubble. The people behind the nonprofit (NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP INC) are the same people running the development company, which has also changed name on paper. Their business is currently run from 2100 Auburn Ave. They also own the tile roofed one storey on the corner building across dorchester.