08 February 2011

Recession Ending Anecdote

About two years ago my classmates from college reunited and began a group email. At that time, much of our email discussion was about the tough economic climate and how construction projects had slowed to a halt. In 2009, we had a reunion, and since then, the back and forth emails have slowed to rare or seldom.

So this morning one classmate sent out a blast email saying his office was looking to hire several project managers. What was interesting was the response. Several other classmates responded by saying that their offices were also getting busy and looking to hire more people. Since these people are mostly architects, developers and interior designers, this tells me that more projects are being planned for construction this year, which should be good for construction and other related industries. It seems a bit tentative, and there are still a lot of people on the sidelines looking for work, but I definitely see the signs of improvement in construction.

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Dave said...

I really hope these projects pan out and generate some sustainable economic activity.