01 February 2011


I've been fascinated with the uprisings in north Africa. YouTube is full of dramatic protest crowds. But there are also people on the street interviews which are inspiring:

Anyplace that does not have democracy, that has had the same dictatorial ruler for 29 years, SHOULD erupt in protests. On NPR this morning the analyst said this will not affect the US unless somehow these protests infect Saudia Arabia... OK, well, that is one self-interested way to view human rights.


Dave said...

I have to disagree wholeheartedly with that NPR analyst.

If the proposed transition in Egypt goes the way of the election of Hamas in the Palestinian territory in Israel, there will be serious consequences (i.e. throughput of goods through the Suez canal)

RedAntCreations said...

This Egypt thing is a two-edged sword. Some see in the uprisings the possibility for positive change. Personally, I hope that the anti-dictator protesters get what they want.
Others hope that the dictators in Egypt and elsewhere are not overthrown because what replaces them could be less friendly to the United States and Israel. I am convinced, however, by the idea that one of the reasons people hate the United States so much is because the United States supports oppressive regimes. This idea explains 9/11 very well, because we support the oppressive Saudi government.