17 August 2010

End Summer - Begin Overschedule

My kids were playing together so beautifully yesterday at the pool.
It was evening, and the place was almost empty, and they just laughed
and splashed. Daughter finally got up the courage to jump off the
diving board, and since then, there's no stopping her. She was
jumping off constantly, holding her nose, trying a cannonball, trying
a twist, and totally happy the whole time.

The air was cooler. Finally. The oppressive heat for the previous
weeks demanded going to the pool. Now going is an option, a luxury.
The city pools that we used to visit are all closed already. Not so
at our club. Now in the cool evenings tennis is popular with the
adults and the boys are crowded around the ping-pong table.

I think we were pretty successful at giving our kids a good summer.
Maybe we should have done some tutoring with our son. Maybe we should
have done baseball or more summer camps. Maybe. But it was pretty
good just letting the kids enjoy summer and make their own fun for a
while. Tomorrow school starts and then every moment gets put into a

I talked with the kids for a while last night at bedtime. We talked
about how sad it is that summer is ending, but how they will see all
their school friends, and how soccer will start, and the leaves will
change color, and next thing you know it will be Halloween and all
their favorite holidays. They were fine with the end of summer.
Maybe more than I am.

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Dave said...

This was the best summer in many years.