01 November 2013

Candidate's Streetcar Positions

Just in case you haven't been paying attention:

Supporting the streetcar:
Roxanne Qualls - says it's essential to extend streetcar to Uptown

Opposing the streetcar:
John Cranley - promises to stop construction on the streetcar

CANDIDATES FOR CITY COUNCIL (vote for no more than nine):

Supporting the streetcar:
Laure Quinlivan - "I strongly support Cincinnati's streetcar."
Mike Moroski - "I have not wavered in my support" for the streetcar.
Yvette Simpson - "I have been a steadfast supporter since the inception."
Wendell Young - "A critical first step in improving & diversifying our transportation system"
Shawn Butler - "Yes, I support the streetcar plan."
Chris Seelbach - Will push to finish project on time and within budget.
Greg Landsman - Wants to lead effort to get streetcar to Uptown, private dollars needed.
Michelle Dillingham - Streetcar should be part of our regional transportation strategy.

Opposing the streetcar:
Amy Murray - Says "streetcar project is a mess" and will vote to stop its construction.
Kevin Flynn - Says the streetcar project "must be terminated."
David Mann - Wants to see if Cincinnati can break the streetcar construction contract.
Angela Beamon - Says the streetcar "has robbed our neighborhoods."
Pamula Thomas - Says " I voted against the streetcar" and it "has become a burden."
Charlie Winburn - "I oppose spending any more tax dollars for the Cincinnati Streetcar."
Christopher Smitherman - "The city can't afford the streetcar."
PG Sittenfeld - "I've been a 'NO' on giving the streetcar more taxpayer money."
Melissa Wegman - "Simply put, the benefits do not outweigh the costs," she claims.
Vanessa White - "I oppose the streetcar plan."
Sam Malone - "I do not support the streetcar."

What it would cost if Cranley cancelled the project:  http://t.co/xwBPVFrOSG

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