03 May 2012

My Single Spring Post

Random photos from the past month or so FWIW:

 Washington Park, corner entry at 14th and Race

biking around
kid carrying bike
Motor on my roof went bad
Moron bumper sticker
410 and 408 West Liberty, owned by Olivia Champion and Cincinnati Change Inc, respectively:
Soul Food 1735 Elm
our regular Sunday game of pickup soccer
church steps
Fr Greg Friedman with white dog
wooden walk-in cooler
my wife's grandfather with Nixon
Easter baseball at Dad's house in the country
old Music Hall parking garage: The bandstand area, a sunken circular space of brick and concrete:
off trail, in-city climb
hike view
Ensemble Theater stage
1123 Walnut
Plant sprout found in woods
Fragile Chest yelling at me


5chw4r7z said...

For as much biking as Noel does, it still looks like he's straining to bike the boys around in his tub bike.
Cracks me up.

Matthew hall said...

Why do you have a motor on your roof?

Anonymous said...

Motorized skylight? House fan? or... maybe just an AC unit.

Anonymous said...

It strikes me you may know the answer to this question: what was wrong with the old Music Hall parking garage. Okay, it wasn't an inspiring view, but it served its purpose perfectly well the times I used it.

Thanks, Blue Ash Mom

CityKin said...

I think both parking garages are going to remain. The new one started because of a requirement for parking for the new SCPA school.

The old one is crumbling from lack of maintenance and does have one serious flaw in that people in wheelchairs cannot use it to enter Music Hall unless they go all the way around to the front on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Blue Ash Mom