31 December 2011

Texting vs Radio = Transit vs Cars

Texting while driving is, in essence, a wake-up call to America. It illustrates our real, and bigger, predicament: The country is currently better suited to cars than to communication. This is completely bonkers. By all means, we should ban texting while driving, or at least try. But we need to work urgently on making driving less necessary in the first place. Let’s get our hands off the wheel and onto the keypad — where they belong.
-Clive Thompson


murf said...

Beautiful!This makes so much sense on so many levels!

Starsifter said...

Agreed...I do not know how many times I have been a passenger in a vehicle and the driver decides it is far more important to text rather than pay attention to the road and take responsibility for the lives within their own car, let alone the other drivers on the road. the only way to stave off the rash of accidents and deaths on American roadways is to implore congress to pass a net of safety laws. Find out who is in your district and which candidate will do something about this crisis. Check out the congressional map at: http://chadely.com/2012/ohio/congress/ohio-districts-2012.html

Dave said...

I've found the car horn to be very effective at getting the attention of a 'texter'. It is much more expedient than soliciting a congressperson. Sometimes the reaction from the 'texter' is a finger gesture, but that is why I keep a small package of birdseed in the passenger seat to display in response to their finger signal.