09 September 2011

Sunday Walk

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A couple weeks ago, on a warm Sunday afternoon, we had nothing to do, so we explored a bit. We first headed up Vine and then turned up some steps by Smiling Sams Furniture and ended up above Mulberry Street in a quiet valley. I don't know if this area has a name, but it is a nice quiet area with lots of potential. Then we continued on through the edges of Mt Auburn and circled back down to Pendleton and OTR:

Vine and McMillan

Peete Street, end closest to Vine

steps from Peete dead-end to Mulberry

Rice Street forgotten home

Looking up Winkler with Christ Hospital parking garage on top of the hill

116 Winkler forgotten and overgrown

120 aqnd 122 Winkler Street

136 Gage Street

Looking back over quiet valley of houses tucked behind Vine Street Elementary (currently Rothenberg)
Dramatic Gage Street steps with tall stone retaining wall connect to Mt Auburn behind Christ Hospital
Along our walk we met some people and talked with some, but generally it was quiet and not many people around. Every time I take a walk like this I am also amazed at how many vacant buildings are sitting there waiting to be rehabbed.

path to Jackson Hill overlook

view from Jackson Hill is not kept trim like Ohio Street and Fairview and Eden Park overlooks

there is a sharp cliff on either side of this grassy path in this rarely travelled section of Jackson Hill park. There are remnants of a asphalt path and stone steps down the hill to Rice Street, but it is totally overgrown.

grassy knoll in Jackson Hill park

hacking through the thicket 
We hack our way through the weeds and came out in someone's backyard on Dorsey Street. I wouldn't recommend others take this route, but we were exploring and sometimes things like this happen.

Dorsey St, insular IMO

heading back up to Mt Auburn

steps from Mt Auburn to Goethe in OTR

this horribly ugly modern house at the end of Eleanor Place has moss on flat roof and needs maintenance all around, but has a Jaguar parked in the driveway.

ugly house again

path from Walker Street to Filson Pool

not a kid in sight

pool building Mt Auburn

steps down from Mt Auburn to Prospect Hill


Neighbors in Liberty Hill take care of the spaces along the steps

down steep hills of Liberty Hill

stone stoops on steep hill

raised stone stoops

last set of steps down from Liberty to Pendleton

Krohn-Fechheimer Co

13th and Broadway, what a pitiful building

Positively no Loafing Ms Sophie says

No Loitering


VisuaLingual said...

Wow, I want to take a walk with you guys!

Albert said...

The area around Mulberry Street and East Clifton Avenue does have a name: Little Bethlehem. You can find scenes from the neighborhood in Caroline Williams's invaluable collections of drawings. The mossy roof and ugly house on Eleanor belong to a disgraced Cincinnati health commissioner. It was the site of what passes for depravity here.

CityKin said...

Broadnax's house looks like a drug dealing house with the jag and the busted windows. I remember 20 years ago he owned some cool buildings directly at the top of Sycamore that partially collapsed and then burned.

I don't know why this Little Bethlehem area hasn't seen any investment. I guess because the homes do not have a view?

Anonymous said...

Nice walk. Thanks for sharing the pics. Must have been fun to explore but can't say it was real pretty. Had never heard of Jackson Hill Park.

Isn't Broadnax a former Mt.Auburn Community Council President who is now Chairman of the Board of the MACC? Hmmm... that explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

I think Jackson Park is located at what was the top of the Mt. Auburn incline.


Anonymous said...

This brings back memories.

My old neighborhood 45 years ago was where Vine and Peete Streets met. The number of the building was 2020 Vine St. I think that building is gone now. From our second floor apartment we could see the hand atop Phillipus Church. Across the street, on the corner of West Clifton and Vine was Harry's Corner. There was a drinking fountain on the side of Harry's Corner with iced water. So refreshing in the hot summer.

Don't remember anything about the area being called Little Bethlehem though.

Thanks for the post.

Quimbob said...

cool adventure

RedAntCreations said...

I really liked your pictures. I always admired the house on Eleanor street, but everyone's tastes are different.

Todd McFarland said...

I liked that house with the arched windows and pediments over them. Unusual.